Hello & Bienvenidos!

Hello, and Bienvenido a Comic Soulchemy! Thank you for joining us here. My name is Heather Alexandar and I'll be your guide throughout this mystical experience.

I created Cosmic Soulchemy to be a sacred space for beautiful souls in search of purpose in a more balanced lifestyle, truly to be a guide leading you back to your highest self. I share cosmic insights, deep revelations and guided meditations through my podcast Heather Namaste. As a holistic wellness guide, I love sharing the tips and tricks that have really leveled up my overall quality of life. Most of these are simple things you can do at home such as recipes, meditative practices, yoga flows. Informed articles about plant medicine and CBD round out the list. I absolutely love teaching and it is a blessing in my life to still be able to connect with you all during these mysterious times!

Read more about my personal story here.

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What is Cosmic Wellness?

Cosmic Wellness truly encompasses what it means to live in cosmic alignment with your highest self. It all begins with your natal astro chart, the cosmic blueprint at the time of your birth, which sets the stage for who you are as a unique individual in this lifetime. Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” And I believe in this wholeheartedly. I combine a beautiful blend of mindfulness practices including guided meditation, yoga, and soul-fueled affirmations to guide you into to a more holistic lifestyle. 

Through the Kaleidoscope lens of Cosmic Wellness, you can begin to unravel and unwind the fabric of our life to fully understand yourself, to know what and how to overcome the obstacles placed before you in this lifetime, to break the karmic cycles and liberate yourself! 

Cosmic Soulchemy

Let's Get Mystical

Heather Namaste Podcast

Tune in for Astrology Forecasts, Soothing Guided Meditations, Positive Affirmations and Empowering Revelations.

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Jennifer B.

100% amazing service! I’ve been participating in Reiki sessions on and off the last several months and I can say that each session has left me feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. These sessions got me through some hard days in my pregnancy, and some especially stressful ones while at home during this pandemic.

Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

Lexie C.

Heather is truly gifted. She is very much in touch with her metaphysical self and her personal practices which make her an extraordinary teacher, healer, and guide. Distant Reiki Mondays have been an absolute blessing. Her spiritual presence can be felt cross country (literally!). I don't always see Cosmic Soulchemy's posts in my feed but when I do I know it's time to check in for some much needed energy balancing.

I am so grateful for Heather and the way she shares her talents and offerings. Her energy raises up the collective as a whole and helps us all align with our highest self.

If you are ready to transform your life, reach out to Heather for all things astrology, yoga, reiki, and overall wellness.

Vale D.

Honestly, I’m just so grateful Heather came into my life. Her podcasts are so welcoming, relaxing, yet informative! Her reiki sessions are amazing and really help calm the mind and live in this present moment. Her energy vibrates with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Thank you for the distance reiki!!!

Hayley Jo A.

Such a beautiful soul! Blessed for this woman and her work x