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SUP Yoga: Colorado's fastest-growing water activity

Updated: May 10

SUP Yoga has been sweeping the nation and filling all who try it with excitement, wonderment, and adventure!

But before we get into SUP Yoga, let us first discuss what SUP actually is. SUP is the acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding. It's kind of like surfing, but the board is wider and designed with a more stable shape to help you keep better balance when paddling around on the open water. When we add the relaxing yet extremely powerful practice of yoga, it truly opens a whole new world of what's possible for you.

The addition of yoga on the water instantly increases the challenge of the practice. You must actively engage your core and stabilizer leg muscles more than during normal practice on land. Paddling also aids in the challenge, as most classes require you to paddle across the lake, river, or ocean to an alcove or safe area for the yoga practice portion. All those chaturangas and utkatasanas will have been worth it as strength training for paddling and building confidence.

And yet, with all the challenges and obstacles within this type of niche class, the pure bliss afterward is the real reward. Floating on the water during savasana, allowing your fingertips and maybe even toes to dip into the water, creates an experience a traditional studio yoga class just can't provide. You truly become one with the water and the nature surrounding you.

What are you waiting for if you haven't tried paddleboarding, standing, or sitting? This sport is as extreme or as relaxing as you make it. As discussed above, you can do yoga on the board, add a kayak seat, and paddle around with ease and back support. You could bring your fishing bucket and gear and take your board out fishing in our gorgeous lakes and rivers. You can even don your favorite bikini, pack your sunscreen, a picnic, and that waterproof speaker, and float around the lake while you work on your tan. That last option is also great with a group of besties too!

Paddleboarding is such a diverse activity and truly something that everyone (who likes water) can enjoy! Most major lakes in Denver have paddleboard rental options if you don't have your own. An inflatable board is also an incredible buy if you enjoy paddling enough to invest in the gear - which isn't cheap, but the freedom of having your board to go out paddling any time you want is worth it!

Yogis who have completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training can also take a SUP YTT course that goes toward their CEU credits for Yoga Alliance. This course would give you the confidence to lead your own classes on the water, and you will gain valuable knowledge on how to keep your students safe here in Colorado. Being a land-locked state, water sports safety is even more of a priority since our summer months are so short that we want to make the most of our time on the lakes and rivers

Denver, CO, locals can attend SUP Yoga classes from June through August. Use THIS link to sign up for our weekly SUP Yoga classes at Aurora Reservoir - the prettiest lake in Denver.

Check out some pictures from my Summer '22 SUP YTT series below.

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