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Seasonal Energetic Cleansing & Hygiene

We've all heard of "Spring Cleaning," but why not Summer, Autumn or Winter cleaning? Seasonal cleaning is so important in not only keeping a tidy home, but also too in keeping an energetically pristine environment in your living space, which is crucial especially if you work from home these days! Read on to learn more.

Seasonal energetic cleaning is something we started doing after I moved in with my partner almost 11 years ago. At the time, we were living in a small one bedroom apartment in Austin, Tx. Me with all my many closets worth of clothes and shoes, and him with martial arts gear practically falling on top of us! It was time for a complete overhaul of our living space. I begrudgingly packed up all but the essentials of my beautifully curated wardrobe into plastic tubs and we began the organizing of our lives that would one day become a seasonal ritual that we now quite enjoy doing together!

What started out as just packing away seasonal items such as clothes, shoes, bedding and even seasonal cookware, has now turned into a full on, deep physical cleaning of our home and energetic cleansing of the accumulated energy in our living space. My normal job is actually a "work from anywhere there's internet" type of job, which has been an incredible blessing, and, as much of the world makes this transition, I've had almost a year to comfortably settle into this role. My partner on the other hand, has only just started working from home, and as a science teacher, this has been quite the transition! I will say, helping him film science experiments at home has been really cool! But the energy from students and faculty permeates into our home and can sometimes cause a ruckus. You've heard of energy vampires which suck the energy and good vibes right out of you, well, there's also such thing as chaotic energy, which can certainly come into your home right through your computer or smartphone screen.

Chaotic energy usually happens when an emotional burst of energy explodes near you, or toward you, or if there's intense emotional energy coming through the screen. This type of energy is sticky and can sometimes linger if not transformed properly. To give you an example of this, think about a time when you've watched a particularly violent piece of media coverage. When you absorbed those despicable images, that energy was coming at you through the screen, at the speed of light. The impact is like being hit with a tonne of emotional bricks in such an extreme way, that we're often left in a state of shock, like, "what did I just watch?!" Most of us don't transform the energy we've just ingested at this point either, so when we talk to our partners and friends next we may find that we are quick to snap at them for the slightest infraction, or even break down in tears at the mention of a harsh comment. This is actually our own emotional body doing its best to transform the chaotic energy through tears, or to transfer the energy through fits of anger expressed toward another. We always want to aim toward transforming our emotional energy, however, and doing so can be easier than you think!

Ok, so back to seasonal energetic cleansing, right! This is generally something I like to do before and after we physically clean our space. Energetic cleansing is something that truly comes from intention. Having a strong, single-point-minded focus on your connection to the Divine and the intention of cleansing your space, is paramount. Prayer, devotion and gratitude rituals are all things to help you gain a deeper connection to the Divine/God. You can imagine white light filling your space to cleanse the energy, or fan a smoke smudge such as sustainably harvest herbal wands. Crystal energy cleansing is also a great way to direct light energy to help clear unwanted frequencies. Our favorite way to smudge, is our handcrafted energy cleansing mist. This is something super special that we make in our little apothecary using crystal reiki infused moon waters, a special blend of essential oils, flower essences and crystals that tinkle and twinkle through the cobalt blue glass bottle. We give our home space a little spritz, then we move all the stuff out! After all the seasonal clothes, linens, cookware and whatever other seasonal items we want to store away for next year are put away and of course after vacuuming and dusting with a little rearranging, we smudge again.

This process of smudge, clean, smudge really makes sure to "get into those hard to reach energetic places." It ensures a really deep clean, not only if you're also physically cleaning these areas, but there also won't be anything lurking in the shadows later. Having this little handcrafted energy cleansing mist is super handy especially on the go too. Back when I was teaching yoga in a studio (early this year, which seems like lifetimes ago now!) I would use this spray to cleanse the energy of the room before and after each class. Actually, a simple tweak in this recipe and you can have a great yoga mat cleanser too!

At the time publishing of this article, Autumn is finally upon us! So the time to begin this seasonal ritual is now. And odds are you're already doing this in your own way, by bringing out the holiday decorations, and creating a festive seasonally decorated home. Why not add a deeper, more intentional layer to this ritual? It's only a few sprays, your intentions, and the connection to the Divine, and it could save you from hearing something go bump in the night - just kidding, or am I?

Thank you so much for your continued support Cosmic Soul Fam!

Mucho amor!

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