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Honey Oil CBD

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I had the opportunity to try Honey Oil brand CBD tincture and edibles over the Christmas holiday and if I'm being totally honest, it was literally, exactly what I needed.


My partner and I live in Colorado, a state where cannabis and cannabis products are legal, widely accepted and you can pretty much purchase all the wonderful plethora of canna-goodies all over town.

This past winter break, we went to Texas to visit family. Texas has strict cannabis laws and it is still illegal to use or possess cannabis under Texas law — and has been since 1931. Due to this, I definitely did not want to take any cannabis with me, but CBD, now I could definitely take that with me to Texas, no problem!

I chose the 1000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Spearmint flavored tincture. Personally I really like the natural flavor of CBD or any cannabis for that matter, but this time, and since I was heading to see family, I decided to choose the spearmint. I kept thinking to myself as I took it under my tongue, mmm refreshing breath drops!

The flavor was great! Not overwhelmingly minty, but a nice subtle freshening of your mouth, along with the soothing sensation CBD naturally gives. While I was in Texas, I even let a relative (who is SUPER picky about flavor) try this tincture, and she said, "It's actually pretty good, I would definitely buy this one for myself!" Now, folks, that in itself is a pretty rad compliment! But the way we felt after taking this, was nothing short of supreme chill. Not sleepy time chill, but as if everything was gently smoothed out, like a cool ironing, if that makes any sense!

Look, family time, especially during the holidays, can be hella stressful! This not only took the edge off, but also really helped soothe the neuralgia that was starting to flare up while we were on vacation. The 1000 mg was super great and you only need a few drops to begin to feel the peaceful vibes coming on. For example, the family decided we all wanted to go to Galveston to see the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. To do that we needed to drive almost two and a half hours or 144 miles, through Houston 4 o'clock traffic! Normally, I'm white knuckled, clenching the steering wheel, sitting straight up in my seat diligently aware of everything around me, but after a few drops of CBD, (before we left) I felt much more confident on the drive. I was relaxed but still presently aware of all my surroundings. It took the edge off, the "driving anxiety" as mom likes to say. Plus we all got there safe and sound and had a blast enjoying each other's company and the amazing light show.

My partner and I even got in a little yoga! He's the one in Warrior III! I'm doing a wide legged forward fold, which was for a yoga challenge I was co-hosting over the holidays.

I also tried their delicious CBD infused gummies - peach rings flavored. WOW! They honestly taste JUST like Peachy-Os! These were so yummy, it was hard not to binge them all! The entire bag was 50 mg CBD with each gummy having 7 mg CBD. My partner and I ate two each for the flight which helped us both relax quite nicely. I even gave one to a family member, who is a chef, and she was so excited about the taste and the feeling she got from it!

Honey Oil CBD really exceeded my expectations for their products. I was amazed at the flavor of the tincture and the gummies. There wasn't that earthy taste that so many folks despise. Plus I love that their products are 3rd party lab tested for potency and purity. To make the CBD tinctures, they melt the oil down over a low heat and emulsify the CBD with highly purified MCT oil. This allows the oil to be placed under your tongue and then swallowed so that it can be fully absorbed into your body’s endocannabinoid system. Honey Oil's CBD gummies are Gluten free, fat free, MSG free, dairy free and are crafted in California and 50 state legal! Both are perfect for relaxing while watching a movie or on a long road trip to visit family!

If you try Honey Oil CBD products, tell them Heather aka @smokey.yogini sent you!

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