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Eclipse Portal Magic: the Taurus Scorpio Eclipse Axis

When we're in the midst of eclipse energy, life can feel chaotic, to say the least. It's a time of major transformations, upheavals, difficult endings, and beautiful new beginnings. Cosmic Insight into the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse axis May 2022.

We just had our first solar eclipse of the year (2022) in the grounded, stable, earth sign of Taurus on April 30th. This eclipse was really like nothing we've really felt before, as this is happening in near conjunction with Uranus, the planet of revolution, chaos, and erratic behavior. Fun right! This conjunction will be exact on May 5th aligning the Sun and Uranus, with the North Node of Future Destiny, just 7° away at 22° of Taurus.

This energy is really begging the question. Literally. Unpredictability will be the name of the game this week (ending Saturday, May 7th), and maintaining a centered mindset might prove difficult. Collectively, we're here for the up-leveling of frequencies though, with a lovely sextile between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. It's highlighting our ability to easily transform our dreams for the greater good and our highest purpose. We're re-envisioning how we want to create magic in this lifetime to share with our fellow humans!

By the end of our Eclipse Portal on May 15th, 2022, we will also experience the full power of the conjunction with the Sun in Taurus and the North Node of Future Destiny opposite the Moon in Scorpio conjunct with our South Node of Past Karma. Expect major frequency upgrades and shifts during this time especially surrounding themes of your personal value and worth. Quantum leaps can send you into the life that you've been manifesting helping you realize that magic is freaking real! Old wounds will resurface allowing you to wash away every thought, worry, fear, doubt, bad habit, and obstacle in your path that's keeping you from living into the You that you've always imagined, your highest self.

Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Venus conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer asteroid, support the heavily transformative energy of this eclipse season. It's time to say F U to those fears and realize that it's really just false evidence appearing real. Venus reminds us that we can overcome these hindrances by nurturing the things we love and focusing on our ability to heal ourselves. Chiron thrives in this mindset because when it comes to mastering our wounds, we must first step through the veil. We overcome fear with love and trust.

I think the best way to move through the Eclipse Portal is with mindfulness. Being aware of what energy you can expect from a trusted astrologer and energy guide is also incredibly helpful in navigating this potent cosmic energy. Meditation, yoga, journaling, and reiki energy work are highly beneficial to helping you stay grounded, calm, and flowing in tune with the cosmos. If you are local to Denver, you're invited to a Cosmic Magick community event! Keep reading for more info below.

If this cosmic energy sounds daunting, we invite you to join us on Sunday, May 15th, for a Cosmic Magick Eclipse Yoga & Astro event. This will be an entire experience you'll definitely want to enjoy.

Weather permitting, we will commune on the patio space at Urban Sanctuary for Astrology Insight, Meditation with Intuitive Yoga, and a dreamy Reiki Savasana with a Sound Healing offering to enhance your experience! Expect to welcome + release as we truly align with what our soul is craving.

Come for the Cosmic Magick, stay for the community connection at our afterparty! Click THIS LINK for more information and to secure your tickets - this event will sell out fast!

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