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More about Heather 

Guided by the light of the stars and the divine spirit that sees all, I am what you would call a modern-day mystic.


I combine my love of the cosmos with my knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher and student, along with practical holistic lifestyle application, intuition, and metaphysical abilities to shape an elevated spiritual lifestyle that radiates presence called Cosmic Wellness.


I have been a practicing intuitive healer for decades. I began my life-long studentship, first with nursing school, to learn how to heal the body. During my work in the nursing field, however, I studied the application of western medicine firsthand and knew there had to be a better, more preventative approach to healing. There had to be something that created more balance in our everyday lifestyle. I remembered my childhood ability to help ease others' distress with the incredible healing power of touch. So soon after nursing school, I switched gears and began my studies in massage therapy in Austin, TX. I still use my anatomy and energy-clearing work knowledge, weaving this awareness into my Reiki and yoga teachings today.  As a certified level III Crystal Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki sessions have become one of my most sought-after offerings. 

I use my intuitive gifts to help others and as an intuitive psychological astrologer. Divination and intuition go hand in hand, so often, when we search for the answers to life, we look to the stars. You know what they say, "as above, so below." The cosmos gives us answers in many ways, and I experience the stars through astrology and astronomy! I actually began studying astrology at a very young age, perhaps around the tender age of 11! Astrology is a way to understand the world around me and why humans do the things we do. However, I've been studying the night sky for far longer and love to point out different constellations and transits visible in the night sky during astrology readings! As an astrologer, I share my intuitive insight through my podcast, Heather Namaste, which also offers soothing guided meditations, positive affirmations, empowering revelations, and monthly cosmic forecasts. I have been giving personal astrology readings with great success since 2017. 

Back in 2004, I found yoga as a way to connect deeper to myself. I had been practicing nearly every day and finally decided in 2018 to attend my first yoga teacher training in Denver, Colorado. I've been a student of yoga for well over a decade. I am well versed in several styles to get you into the flow, including Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Hatha, Pre-Natal and Restorative. I've recently embarked upon the Ashtanga yoga journey, which, as you may know, Ashtanga is Hard! But the discipline of this practice has been highly transformative. Schedule a virtual class today or request a downloadable class you can keep to practice with me whenever you want!


Later in 2018, I again felt the call to expand my healing capabilities and knowledge. I enrolled in a Holistic Wellness program led by Louise Anne Maurice, which only solidified the working knowledge I had been building up in my wellness toolbox throughout adulthood. But it was after working with several clients as a Holistic Wellness Guide that I realized how incredible it would be to weave in the understanding of one's astrological cosmic blueprint to create an even deeper multidimensional outline of life.

I am currently taking on clients who are interested in learning more about themselves through the lens of astrology! Book in a Natal Chart reading today! HERE!

The Cosmic Soulchemy doors are always open, and I am ready to welcome you. 

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  • E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

  • 300 YTT

  • SUP Yoga 

  • Yin Yoga 

  • Yoga Nidra


  • Luv Collective Practitioner

  • Certified Holistic Wellness Guide

  • Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher

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