More about Heather 


Guided by the light of the stars and the divine spirit that sees all, Heather is what you would call, a modern day mystic.


She combines her love of the cosmos with her knowledge of yoga and mindful movement practices, holistic lifestyle application, divine connection, meditation and prayer into an elevated spiritual lifestyle that radiates intimate presence, she calls, Cosmic Wellness.


Heather has been a practicing intuitive healer for decades. She began her life long studentship, first with nursing school, to learn how to heal the body. During her work in the nursing field, she saw first hand the application of western medicine, and knew there had to be a better way, a more preventative approach to healing. Something that created more balance in your everyday lifestyle. She remembered her childhood ability to help heal others with the incredible healing power of touch. So soon after nursing school she switched gears and began her studies into massage therapy in Austin, TX. She still uses her knowledge of anatomy and energy clearing work, weaving this knowledge into her Reiki and yoga teachings today.  As a certified, level III Crystal Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki sessions have become one of Heather's most sought after offerings. 

Heather uses her intuitive gifts, not only for healing, but also as an intuitive tarot reader and astrologer. Divination and intuition go hand in hand. And so often when we search for the answers to life, we look to the stars. You know what they say, "as above, so below." Of course she studies the stars in many ways. Studying astrology from a young age, perhaps around the tender age of 11, Heather became a more serious student in 2018. However, she's been studying the night sky avidly for far longer and loves to point out different transits that are visible in the night sky during astrology readings! As an astrologer though, Heather shares her intuitive insight through the podcast, Heather Namaste, which also offers soothing guided meditations, positive affirmations, empowering revelations, and cosmic forecasts. Heather loves to share her love of the cosmos through one-on-one Know ThySelf Astrology readings too! Book a session HERE. 

In 2018, Heather went through her first yoga teacher training in Denver, Colorado. She has been a student of yoga for well over a decade and is versed in several styles to get you into the flow, including Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Hatha, Pre-Natal and Restorative.  Schedule a virtual class today or request a downloadable class that you can keep to practice with her whenever you want!  Check it out! 

That same year she felt the calling to expand her healing capabilities and knowledge. She enrolled in a Womanly Wellness Holistic Wellness program lead by Louise Anne Maurice. This only solidified the working knowledge she had been building up in her toolbox for life throughout adulthood. But it was after working with clients as a holistic wellness guide, that she realized how incredible it would be to weave the understanding of one's own cosmic blueprint into holistic wellness.

She uses her intuitive gifts, metaphysical skills and practical application of holistic wellness to shape her personal lifestyle system, Cosmic Wellness. This includes everything mentioned, as well as sensual self practices, meditations, affirmations, divine guidance, cosmic influence and so much more. You should reach out for a Cosmic Wellness Check today babe!

SO... here's the thing, Heather's light has brought you here, this day, to this space. Something about her has lit you up inside and now you're curious about how she can help you achieve a more radiant life with cosmic wellness.

Interested in knowing more about your cosmic blueprint? Then an astrology natal chart reading can help you get to know yourself or someone you love better.


If you need spiritual guidance and direction on your path, then a tarot reading can help shed some light on how to achieve what you most desire.


If you want to bridge the gap between your mind and body, a yoga session is exactly what you need to connect the dots. 

The Cosmic Soulchemy doors are always open and Heather is there ready to welcome you. 


  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification 

  • Certified Holistic Wellness Guide

  • Crystal Reiki Master